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Visa trafficking threatens citizens, expats security ‘Asians, Westerners boost development’

IN a recent report about expats, Al- Seyssah daily reported that “it has become crucial to study the file of the expatriate personnel in the country as soon as possible particularly those who entered the country in the last ten years because the number of expatriates in the country have increased tremendously to such an extent that it represents a threat to the internal security of the country” (Arab Times, Aug 29, 2014). Although I resist generalizing when it comes to describing particular attitudes of a particular nationality, however, crime figures, constant media reports reveal an escalating security problem in dealing with some expat nationalities.

Even though one can blame visa traders for overwhelming our country with marginal laborers, yet, this phenomenon does not justify practicing illegal activities, like theft, embezzlement against expats and citizens; and visa trading does not constitute a rational explanation of other kinds of suspicious activities. It is necessary to open the files of some expats, especially those who tend to engage in unprofessional behavior which goes against whatever is acceptable in Kuwait.

The life and security of our hardworking and honest expat population and the lives and security of our Kuwaiti nationals are at risk if we allow the phenomenon of visa trading to continue. Kuwait enjoys a very peaceful, civil and organized society. Almost all of our Asian and Western expats contribute to the wellbeing of the country and its people. We as Kuwaitis value the positive contributions of the hundreds of thousands expats who enrich our culture and society.

However, there are a certain number of those who enter the country not to pursue an honest living, but to practice illegal activities.

The government needs to deal with such nauseating individuals who have been known to ruin whatever professional behavior we hold dear in Kuwait. Our Asian and Western expats bring into Kuwait the richness of their native cultures; they develop our local economy and inject a positive spirit in our national wellbeing. Such hardworking and professional expats value their time, and they consider Kuwait as their second home.

In fact, it is very usual for Asian and Western expats to feel at home in Kuwait because the majority of them show respect to our national traditions and culture. However, there are other kinds of people who have increased in number in the last ten years, who one way or the other do almost nothing to contribute to our economy.

These lazy, unreliable and unprofessional people brought with them into Kuwait whatever social and moral ills they acquired in their native countries. Such people have no right to ruin our lives with their ill manners, backward thinking, and manipulative behavior.

I applaud the efforts of the Ministry of Interior when it continues to arrest, prosecute and deport those kinds of people who attempt to tarnish the image of good and hardworking expats.

By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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