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Relocating to Dubai

I am a male expatriate who is married to Kuwaiti woman. I am hoping that you can provide helpful details on my queries. I am currently working as an engineer and soon will be transferring/ relocating to Dubai. Is it possible to have a UAE working visa and Kuwait residence visa (sponsored by my wife) at the same time? Secondly, I recently purchased a vehicle in Kuwait and am planning to take it along with me. Is it possible to transfer the ownership to my wife’s name so I can drive (with or without my wife’s presence in Dubai) this Kuwait-registered vehicle legally in Dubai and also drive it back to Kuwait anytime?

Name withheld
As per the GCC regulations, no expatriate is allowed to hold resident visas of two GCC countries concurrently (except under special circumstances). You must cancel one visa to be eligible for residence in another GCC country.

Even if you obtain a visa without revealing the full facts, you will not be able to regularize your status once the authorities in the destination country notice the presence of a valid GCC resident permit from the other country in your passport.

So, you can’t keep the residence of Kuwait and UAE at the same time. Secondly, you can’t drive across the borders without an international license nor will you be allowed to drive in another GCC state (other than the one in which you have residence status) unless you possess this international license. In Kuwait, this license can be easily obtain from the Kuwait Automobile Club if you already possess a Kuwait driving license.

Only GCC nationals — citizens of the six states — are allowed to drive their vehicles freely across the GCC if they possess the driving license of any one of these six countries.They also don’t need visas and can cross the borders by only producing their national identity cards.

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