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Hamas’ defeat and the shame of blood

WHEN we said earlier that the Palestinian blood traders would announce their divine victory once the ceasefire is approved in Gaza Strip, we confirmed there is no solution outside the frame of the Egyptian initiative. It is the initiative which the fighters of pulpits and hotels returned to in order to release 1.8 million Palestinians from the mortgage based on the decision of a group which did not present anything to the Palestinian cause except murder, bloodshed and destruction; in addition to the increasing number of captives in Israeli prisons.

This was before the number of victims reached 2,143 martyrs, 12,000 injured, 70,000 damaged houses and tens of thousands displaced families after 51 days of living on the brink of death, fear, thirst, hunger and deprivation. This was before announcing Gaza Strip as an ill-fated area which needs $8 billion to reconstruct what was destroyed by a war linked to a truce that may be broken anytime.
Israel utilized all these to expand its colonies in the occupied West Bank. So, where are the signs, which top Hamas officials who reside in the hotels of Doha and engage in daily life activities while disregarding hundreds of children reaped by the brutal machine of death, have been boasting about claiming that Israel is about to vanish? We ask bitterly: Who is the winner? Is he the one who lost all these lives, houses and infrastructure or the one who built new colonies?
It is true that the image of Israel in the world has been changed, while the massacre of children, women and defenseless people revealed the reality to the entire world. Do the blood traders not know this image can be deleted through an international public relations campaign that may highlight the natural link between terrorist groups which claim belongingness to Islam, Hamas and Al-Jihad movements, particularly since they adopted the same ideologies? Accordingly, it is easy to connect the name of Hamas to DAESH and taint them with terrorism since both were born out of the Brotherhood womb.
Where is this so-called divine victory? Hamas did not achieve any of the conditions which it placed in the beginning of the war. Neither the airport nor the port was inaugurated while the blockade is not lifted. All foodstuffs and commodities still enter Gaza through the Israeli passageways and subject to boring inspection which is the new source of blackmail for Gaza people.
It is high time for Palestinians to get rid of dealers who use their blood in games to serve international and regional interests. There is no role that Qatar is striving to play in the region which should demand for blood of Palestinians. Tehran should not use corpses of innocent Gaza people to escape from international isolation. Israel should not demolish houses in Gaza to solve the Israeli settlement problem by building more houses at the West Bank. There is no point for Turkey to go back to the era of Ottoman imperialism by investing on restriction in Gaza.
We will repeat what we said previously: Palestinians should return home and take unified decision, if they really want to end all the killings and demolition to enable them to live in peace and build their own country. They should benefit from Vietnamese and French experiences, as well as resistance activities across the world whereby people of those nationalities accomplished freedom through unity of leadership and decision. These people did not allow themselves to be used as tools by any country. Palestinians should not gamble with the blood of citizens as a measure to push for the return of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement to the regional terrain.
Hamas and other groups danced on the corpses of Palestinians to celebrate their fake victory which was actually a defeat in all ramifications. Does expanding the fishing area by six miles justify the bloodshed and destruction? Should reinstating the Brotherhood into their previous role in the region be at the expense of Palestinians? What is the essence of resistance in Gaza if the West Bank transforms into Israeli settlement? Does Gaza stands for the whole Palestine?
Some Palestinian groups have again affirmed their intention to fight another grand war for citizens, which will enable their leaders to accomplish personal interests by making them national issues to serve some regional powers. This means the protectors of the same country are the same people conspiring against it. 

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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