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Skyhigh prices of shrimps surprise those returning from holidays

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30: People who returned from vacation recently were surprised with the skyrocketing prices of shrimps, due to acute shortage of fresh and imported fish in the Fish Market, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

A source said zubaidi and albaloul top the items in short supply in the Fish Market besides shrimps. He disclosed a basket of zubaidi is sold for about KD 105 and a kilogram at KD 13.

He said one kilogram of al-baloul now costs KD 9, al-subaiti and hamour are sold for KD 6 per kilogram each, while a kilogram of alnuwaebi is sold for KD 4.5. He added one basket of al-med costs KD 35 and al-shahamiya KD 35, while a basket of small size shrimp is sold for KD 70.

Speaking on the development, Chairperson of Kuwait Association of Fishermen Dhaher Al-Souyan declared the shortage is because only 200 fishing boats are available for fishing in the country, stressing the number is inadequate to provide the amount of shrimps needed by consumers. He added that 5,600 fishing boats are on the Eastern part of the international waters for shrimp fishing, but only 200 belong to Kuwaiti fishermen.

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