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Farwaniya governor calls for zero tolerance in law implementation

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30, (KUNA): The Governor of Farwaniya Sheikh Faisal Al-Homoud Al- Malek Al Sabah called on Saturday for zero tolerance in implementing laws upon violators and outlaws. Under the framework of “Farwaniya Governorate: Safe and Clean” campaign, Sheikh Faisal told KUNA that he, along with the governorate officials, followed up on the situation of expatriates, who densely populate a number of areas in the governorate, and extent of their abidance by the country’s laws and regulations.

The time has come to restudy the demographics of some nationalities, areas they reside, and impact on safety and convenience of the Kuwaiti society, in coordination with concerned state bodies, he said. The governor also stressed on importance of maintaining general safety, rules, and security for all as a basic requirement, adding that the governorate’s officials would not spare any effort for sake of Farwaniya’s development and providing convenience to its residents.

Meanwhile, the development of Jahra governorate is an extension of the state’s development strategy and its’ within our interest to develop all sectors and services in the area, said governor of Jahra Fahad Al-Amir here Saturday. Speaking to KUNA, Al-Amir said that similar to the state’s development goals, Jahra governorate is working on measures to develop the health, security, education, and municipal services. Since the issuing of Amiri decree 81 of 2014, Jahra governorate began efforts to link state oriented services to the governorate, said Al-Amir, adding that one of the chief achievements within such regards was developing the greenery and vegetation in the governorate in cooperation with the state.

Developing sports, cultural, health, security, municipal, and educational facilities also occurred during the process and all of that was done in close cooperation with other state-ran organization, affirmed the governor

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