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‘Jail for Kuwaiti’ ; Are we a target?

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 29:  “DAESH, Al-Nusra and other so-called Islamic groups, which claim they are fighting for Islam and aiming to create an Islamic kingdom, continue to kill only Arabs and Muslims”, says Al-Qabas daily. “DAESH, with its black flags with the phrase ‘No God but Allah’, has chosen to impose its control only among the Muslims in the Arab countries where they killed thousands of them but killed only one non-Muslim.

Is the foundation of their so-called Islamic kingdom based on the corpses and blood of the Muslims and Arabs? Why hasn’t this terrorist group killed Israeli or Western citizens besides the American journalist?

The video DAESH released of the beheading of the American citizen has provoked the entire world even though this group slaughters hundreds of innocent Muslims and Arabs everyday only because they do not agree with their ideology.

We beg God to protect us from such terrorist groups and their supporters in our ministries and institutions, as they consider us as their true enemies and not those who stole Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

‘Jail for Kuwaiti’: DAESH appointed ruler of Al-Rigga area of the ISIS Caliphate in Syria issued a verdict to imprison a Kuwaiti citizen Hussein Redha Lari, who is popularly known as Abu Omar Al-Kuwaiti, reports Al-Rai daily quoting an informed source.

He revealed that the verdict has been executed and the citizen has been confined in an isolated cell for over two weeks, adding that this is the second time the group is issuing such a verdict within the two years that it has been operating in Syria.

The source explained that the Al- Rigga ruler in Syria had issued a verdict last year to imprison a Muslim preacher while he was delivering a Friday prayer sermons in a mosque. The cleric was accused of allegedly causing trouble among the jihadists.

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