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‘Some expats a threat’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 29: “It has become crucial to study the file of the expatriate personnel in the country as soon as possible particularly those who entered the country in the last ten years because the number of expatriates in the country have increased tremendously to such an extent that it represents a threat to the internal security of the country”, says Al-Seyassah daily.

“The visa traders are committing crimes against their own homeland especially by bringing people who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood Group into the country.

We are not sure why the concerned authorities are waiting to open this dangerous file because half of the expatriates in the country are affiliated to a political party while the other half includes culprits.

We cannot disregard the gang that stole jewels from a store in the Avenues Mall but fortunately the security authorities managed to arrest them.

Such crimes indicate the kind of expatriates who enter Kuwait. They are experts in committing thefts which is not a common trend among the Kuwaitis.

It is unreasonable for the official authorities to maintain silence regarding this issue; they should feel the danger that the Kuwaiti street feels.”

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