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Asian, Arab expats returning in droves after holidays
Newcomers among returning expats ‘Huge rush, no parking’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 29: The Kuwait International Airport yesterday witnessed large crowds of people, a big number of them newcomers, coincided with the return of teachers, families and holidaymakers abroad, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The Director of Civil Operations Saleh Fadaghi said the flurry of movement at the airport at this time of the year increases because most people return home after spending their holidays abroad and since it coincides with the new scholastic year the country witnesses an influx of teachers and expatriate students who are returning after holidays.

He went to say this scenario is expected to continue until Sunday, August 31. The airport is expected to handle approximately 100,000 passengers — arrivals and departures. Al-Fadaghi said the authorities at the airport are exerting tremendous efforts to facilitate smooth movement of incoming and outgoing passengers.

He disclosed the airport annually caters to five million outgoing and incoming passengers. Some passengers complained of lack of parking place at the airport. Some of them said they have to wait as much as 45 minutes before they find a place to park their vehicles.

Others pointed to the lack of organization at the airport, which is the country’s main interface. They said this is unacceptable while others complained of the absence of actual application of certain laws, particularly the ban on smoking in non-designated areas to him.

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