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Indian embassy to follow up Kabad developments ‘Incident unfortunate’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 29: A senior official at the Indian Embassy said the embassy is closely following up the developments in the aftermath of a brawl which happened at the Camel Markets in Kabad which left one Egyptian dead.

The official called the incident unfortunate, but the embassy will give care and assistance to those allegedly in police custody in line with the law of the land. “Today, being Friday, a nonworking day in the Arab world, the embassy could not get many details on the incident.

However, the embassy is aware about the death of one person, but still the picture is unclear as to how many Indians are in police custody or details of investigations,” said the official. When told that some of the Arabic newspapers quoting the Ministry of Interior have said the suspect has admitted to hitting the victim with a stone which caused his death, the embassy official said he was not aware of such news.

Meanwhile, the Arabic daily Al-Anba quoting Ahmadi securitymen has said the suspect has admitted to hitting the victim with a stone. He has apparently given the names of seven other compatriots who also beat the man.

Another Arabic daily Al- Jaridah has said 12 Indians took part in the alleged ‘murder’ of the Egyptian. The daily also said five Egyptians are in police custody.

The daily went on to say representatives of the two embassies met the security officials at the Ahmadi Police Station to put the issue at rest and allow the security authorities to do their work and the investigations to take their course.

Earlier, it was reported that the Ahmadi securitymen had arrested 14 Egyptians and 11 Indians for engaging in a fistfight at the Camels Market in Kabad, resulting in the death of an Egyptian and causing injuries to several others.

All those arrested were referred to the concerned security department for interrogation and other necessary legal action. About 30 persons injured during the brawl are believed to be suffering from injuries including fractures and stab wounds.

They are receiving treatment at the Jahra, Al-Sabah and Farwaniya hospitals. It has been reported the fight started with an argument between an Indian and an Egyptian but it was blown out of proportion when each of them started calling their friends.

By: Paul Francis X. Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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