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Some Egyptians gather in front of their embassy in Da’iya area demanding protection from some Asian expatriates who have been attacking them
Arrests in Kabad brawl

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 28: Ahmadi securitymen arrested 14 Egyptians and 11 Indians who were engaged in a fistfight at the Camels Market in Kabad recently, resulting in the death of an Egyptian and injuries to several others.

All those arrested were referred to the concerned security department for interrogation and other necessary legal action.

A security source disclosed the Ahmadi Security Directorate is waiting for the condition of those injured to improve to question them on the incident. He said the injuries included fractures and stab wounds, indicating around 30 people were injured in the brawl.

They are now confined at Jahra, Sabah and Farwaniya hospitals. According to the source, the number of people suspected of involvement in the fight might reach 50 as the investigation progresses to identify the person who killed the Egyptian He revealed the Ministry of Interior will deport some of those involved in the fight and the suspected killer will be referred to the Public Prosecution.

He warned the expatriates against gathering in front of their embassies or any other area because it is against the law. It has been reported the fight started with an argument between an Indian and an Egyptian but it was blown out of proportion when each of them started calling their friends. Sources said the total number of people involved in the squabble is estimated at 150.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait Abdulkarim Sulaiman affirmed that the embassy is following the developments of a recent incident that occurred in Kabad area where a group of Egyptian and Asian workers of a contracting company were involved in a public brawl.

He said the embassy is waiting for the medical report of the Forensics Department to determine the cause of the death of the Egyptian expatriate and the injuries to many others who were admitted in hospitals for treatment. He explained that 50 Egyptian employees of the company met with three of the embassy officials and demanded for the support of the embassy.

They requested for separate accommodation and means of transport in order to prevent any further altercations with the Asian workers. He revealed that he received about 10- 15 people at the embassy for investigating the matter, adding that the embassy is working on ensuring the employees are not denied their legal rights. In addition, Ministry of Interior issued a press release in which it explained that securitymen led by the Capital Security Director Major General Tareq Al- Hamadah rushed to the Egyptian embassy in Da’iya area after receiving information that some Egyptians had gathered in front of the embassy to demand for protection from the Asian expatriates who have been attacking them. Securitymen collected the data of the protestors and ordered them to disperse.

In a press release issued by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the embassy denies the involvement of Bangladeshis in a ‘clash in Kabad’. This came following a news report published by the Arab Times quoting the Al-Seyassah daily saying one Egyptian had died and 14 others injured during a fight among 30 Bangladeshis and Egyptians in the Camels Market in Kabad.

The press release stated the Embassy officials visited the spot, labor hostel of the Ahmadi company, located next to the Kabad Camel Market, talked to the concerned official of the Kabad Police Station, inquired with the Farwaniya, Jahra and Sabah Hospitals which surprisingly revealed that not a single Bangladeshi is involved in the incident. During the visit to the labor hostel, where the incident happened, the official found only four Bangladeshis living in those quarters, while a majority of those living in the hostel belong to other nationalities.

The official quoting some people living in the hostel said the fight actually occurred between Egyptians and people of other nationalities. It has also been proved that no Bangladeshi has received medical treatment or has been hospitalized at the aforementioned hospitals. There are also no reports of any Bangladeshis being arrested. All these facts prove the news about the involvement of Bangladeshis in the fight is utterly baseless, fictitious, misleading and does not only conceal facts but also hurt the emotions of thousands of Bangladeshis in Kuwait to whom the newspaper is very important source of authentic information and news.

By: Munaif Nayef and Shawki Mahmoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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