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They teach them to behead


THE clerics who live among us are provoking people to fight jihad, behead ‘enemies’, kidnap and sell women as slaves. To add insult to injury we did not hear them condemning the acts either of DAESH or Nusra front, to the contrary they have supported these groups with money and men to ‘our’ astonishment. These clerics who shout at the top of their voices until their veins swell, receive funds from our government institutions such as ‘Awqaf’, ‘Bait Al-Zakat’, Holy Quran memorizing centers and charity committees, in addition to the so-called legal committees of the Islamic financial and banking institutions.
These institutions justify and give legal cover to those who they deal with based on their demand. To them and their children and grandchildren we dedicate the latest innovations of their masters — the contemporary brutality epitomized in the bloody DAESH.  This unfortunately distorts Islam and Muslims but our jurisprudence and legal muftis have watched in silence what has been unfolding in front of their eyes without uttering a word. 
Oh! Clerics of religion — the religion that disowns you — DAESH is among us. It broadcast on its website a video footage of a Libyan child beheading a dummy and placing the head and the knife on the torso of the dummy. He exactly imitated what the British ‘fighter’ had done with the American journalist James Foley last week. The footage by DAESH is reinforced by a tweet with a croaking voice:
‘Teach your sons how to cut off necks, because tomorrow there will be many rotten heads and that should help you’. The film which is seen my many shows the hooded child carrying a knife standing in front of the black DAESH flags. The footage also shows him holding a dummy and in another scene the headless dummy is seen lying on the ground. The dummy is dressed in orange clothes the same color of clothes worn by Foley before he was beheaded.
According to observers, such scenarios are used by DAESH to brainwash youngsters. This is a quote from ‘Al-Hayat Newspaper, Aug 25, 2014’. We send this film or message from DAESH to its supporters in Kuwait or the dumb devils for them show it to their children and grandchildren since they are closest to the ideology of DAESH and unfortunately their numbers in Kuwait are many.

 By Ali Ahmad Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmad Al-Baghli

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