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Those with heart problems must avoid ‘ice bucket challenge’ Avoid overdoing it: expert

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 27: Professor of Cardiac Disease at the Faculty of Medicine in Kuwait University Dr Mohammad Zubaid has cautioned participants in the ongoing Ice Bucket Challenge, which has gone viral on social media, to desist from exaggerating the challenge to avoid untoward effect on the heart, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Dr Zubaid disclosed that Ice Bucket Challenge is a welcoming and commendable idea, because it assists in medical researches for treatments that could reduce the growth of disease. He urged those who are participating in the challenge avoid overdoing it, especially people who have undergone catheter operation and those who faint when they encounter drastic situations.

Commenting on the topic, Consultant Cardiologist Professor Dr Riyadh Tarzi corroborated his colleague, affirming the heart is a major victim of excessive involvement in Ice Bucket Challenge. He urged people who are above 40 years old, especially those whose family have history of cardiac arrest to avoid the challenge as much as they could. He pointed out that younger people below 35 years of age are fit to participate. He hopes the campaign achieves its objective

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