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MPs eye grilling non-performing ministers ‘Parliament to okay children allowance hike from KD 50 to KD 75’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 27: Lawmakers are determined about submitting grilling requests against some ministers if the latter continue to occupy ministerial positions in the coming parliamentary term, reports Al- Shahed daily quoting an informed source. He indicated that their decision to grill the ministers is because of the latter’s failure in implementing the laws and fulfilling the promises they made. He indicated that these ministers are Minister of Public Works, and Minister of Electricity and Water Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, and State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh, Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej and Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh.

Meanwhile, MP Talal Al-Jalal says the parliament is working on approving the increase of children allowance from KD 50 to KD 75 during the next parliamentary term, reports Al-Anba daily. He explained that the previous parliament had intended to increase the children allowance to KD100 but the current parliament is working on increasing it to just KD 75 in order to cooperate with the executive authority. MP Al-Jalal urged the government to cooperate with the parliament regarding the issue in order to ensure the approval of the bill early in the coming parliamentary term.

He stressed that the government had ample opportunity to review bill thoroughly because the parliament gave them until beginning of the next term for deliberation. He added that he hoped the government will show similar cooperation in ensuring the approval of major and important bills concerning citizens including increasing the rent allowance.

In the meantime, MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji says the coming parliamentary term could witness intense political atmosphere, indicating about his determination to grill the Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Acting Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej, reports Al-Rai daily. Meanwhile, Secretary General of the National Assembly MP Yaqoub Al-Sane said he regards the alternative strategy as a serious issue, adding that the Parliament’s Human Resources Committee is expecting a letter from the Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh.

He stressed that the committee will be decisive about defining the alternative strategy based on the vision of the executive and legislative authorities in that regard. Al-Sane revealed that the committee and the Cabinet did not agree on the alternative strategy because government views it only from the point of salaries while the committee considers other aspects as well

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