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Some should fear God for their region, nation

THE Al-Azhar senior cleric has done well by issuing an edict to prohibit naming an Islamic State as pronounced by DAESH gangsters. The edict regards the caliphate as illegitimate and a violation against the simplest and true criteria of Islamic caliphate. Muslim nations, after all the woes inflicted on them by terrorist groups, can no longer bear further attacks from the international community. It is good that Arab and Muslim nations have distanced themselves from every country suspected of funding this group which perpetrates atrocities in Syria, Iraq and Libya daily.
The activities of DAESH in those countries reflect the objective which Israel has been trying to realize for six decades to justify its existence as a Jewish nation. It could not accomplish the objective except by overcoming diversity in the entire region. This is why they started driving away Christians from Arab nations, but the project has failed since there was no appropriate tool for it and they could only find the Muslim Brotherhood Movement to agree with them in greater objectives. 
For this, the movement formed a secret alliance with them to help in breeding extremist groups, starting with al-Qaeda until the worst present-day monster called DAESH. It is not surprising that al-Qaeda was born when Israel actually planned to announce the Jewish state which is free of other religions. The idea is translated through series of discriminating laws approved by Knesset in the past four years when Arab nations were moored in the sea of Arab spring blood which has the imprint of Israel from inception.
The incidents in the last four years, especially the last few months in Syria, Libya and Iraq, are regarded by Israel as the point of exit from Arab pressure to accept the peace initiative and implement the two-nation solution within the 1967 border approved in the 2002 Beirut Summit.
There is no doubt that Arabs have witnessed Israeli evasion of peace for the past four decades, since the time former Egyptian President Anwar Al-Saadat embarrassed Israeli leaders when he visited Tel Aviv in 1977 and forced them to sign an agreement with Egypt. Israel considers this agreement a threat to its project; hence, the desperate attempt to evade and bury it. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak understood this, so he gave Israel many opportunities. His successor toed the same path, except during the regime of the Brotherhood that strived to allow settlement of Palestinians in Gaza at Sinai. This grand project would have affected not only the Camp David agreement but also the entire Egyptian nation. The United States is the ring leader in this plot which it never hides, considering its repeated announcements in this regard. It expressed objection to the June 30 revolution in a futile effort to protect the Brotherhood’s interest and terrorist groups in Iraq to use them as tools to intimidate Arab countries. 
Israel and United States lost in Egypt. The incidents in Iraq in the past few months turned the magic against the magician. This was evident after the transformation of DAESH into a monster threatening interests in North Iraq and the killing of Americans. The White House cannot justify being silent over the issue in front of its citizens, so it decided to hit the group. Undoubtedly, Israel has been using all its influence in America to prevent the US Administration from attacking DAESH in order to avoid losing the precious opportunity to complete the Jewish state project. 
Unfortunately, some Arab countries have started to deal with Israel to prevent choking of the monstrous gangsters, up to the extent of providing financial support. They even provide platforms which assist in spreading weird ideologies which contradict the tenets of Islam. They have the impression that the action will enable them to play roles bigger than them to make them key players in the region. They have failed to realize that the atrocities being perpetrated daily by the group in the three Arab countries are replicas of what they will do in other countries.
Those countries should have realized that DAESH leaders revealed the intention to cause pandemonium and massacre in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt; because whenever they are out of their current location, they will not spare any country, so those who stood by them and support them will be the first victims.  Therefore, any Arab nation which supports those gangsters should fear God for the sake of their citizens, region and the entire Arab world. They should not allow themselves to become a tool in the hands of Israel, because those countries are not supposed to be tools in the hands of enemies. 
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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