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Ministry of Health adopts plan to counter Ebola virus 28 pct of women divorcees in Kuwait hold masters degrees

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: Ministry of Health has adopted a plan to counter Ebola virus based on recommendations issued at the recent meet of the GCC coordination council, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The plan involved the activation of preparatory plans, early warning and Integrated Epidemiological Surveillance System for contagious diseases, while training the health personnel to deal with infected cases, besides other necessary precautionary measures.

In this context, the Undersecretary of Health Dr Khalid Al-Sahlawi has been holding series of special meetings to discuss the agenda of the Second Meeting of GCC Undersecretaries of Health to be held in Kuwait on Sept 7 and 8 under his chairmanship to discuss many important health issues.

Al-Sahlawi expressed satisfaction on the work development and joint cooperation among the GCC countries in many fields.

He also praised the role played by GCC Health Undersecretaries Committee to exchange experience in dealing with urgent situation for the benefit of GCC countries.

Meanwhile, recent statistics by the Ministry of Justice indicate that 28 percent of women with divorce status are Masters degree holders, and 25 percent are bachelor degree holders, while 21.8 percent are diploma holders, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Report added the highest divorce rate in male in 2013 was registered among the holders of intermediate certificate, indicating 27 percent of divorced men have intermediate level certificate, followed by holders of Masters with 23 percent and then 22.4 percent of Bachelor holders. It indicated divorce cases shot up from 6,672 in 2012 to 6,904 in 2013 representing a 3.5 percent increase with 232 cases, while the majority of marriages ended in less than five years.

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