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‘Place charitable activities sector under legal check’ ‘Put end to criticism, misuse’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: Several lawmakers are in favor of putting a stop to criticisms against charitable activities by placing the sector under legal surveillance, noting the move will help prevent criticisms and at the same time stop the mishandling of humanitarian donations, reports Al-Rai daily.

MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf said the need to pass a law for regulating charitable works, as well as humanitarian and voluntary activities that serve society. He said the work in these areas is associated with crisis inside and outside Kuwait. He preferred establishing an independent authority in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to manage its affairs, with independent officials having no political affiliation.

He added that people with verifiable experience in the field of charity should serve on its board. For his part, MP Hamoud Al- Hamdan said charity works in Kuwait is a minaret that could be identified on fingertips. He stressed “there is no harm in regulating the sector through an agency affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, adding the agency should take charge of expanding the scope of monitoring.

He reiterated that charity work in Kuwait is organized and the concerned officials are working diligently, but the only problem is to trail certain branches that mishandle funds at times.

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