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Staff, porters involved in theft of costly medicines Stolen diabetes, BP, heart drugs sold in black market

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: The disappearance of some expensive medicines from the pharmacies of the Ministry of Health have cost the state huge sums of money, and this necessitates imposing effective measures to control the drugs stores and pharmacies, reports Al-Qabas daily. This came following information that certain ‘thieves’ work in cooperation with people who are authorized to enter pharmacies of the Ministry of Health including doctors, pharmacists and even porters.

According to a knowledgeable Ministry of Health the stolen medicines are sold in the black market, particularly drugs related to heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and other serious diseases. The same source said the gang that steals medicines benefit due to lack of control on the one hand and the high price these medicines fetch on the black market since these medicines are sold to pharmacies in the private sector or are smuggled out of the country.

The source said there is absolutely no control and follow-up and this has encouraged even doctors, pharmacists and staff, and even porters to get involved in the process. In spite of the huge budget allocated to the Ministry of Health for the purchase of medicines, KD 400 million, many patients, citizens and residents do not find drugs in pharmacies, especially expensive drugs. They are forced to buy them from the local market. The source continued saying, there are several pharmacies in the country which are selling drugs stolen from the Ministry of Health.

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