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Experts express concern over rise of violence in society Bad peer pressure, parents blamed

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: Some professors of Kuwait University expressed concern about the rise of violence in Kuwaiti society particularly two recent cases of brutality.

The first incident is about a 17-year old girl who shot dead her mother under the influence of illicit drugs while the other incident is of a young lady who stabbed her father because he did not allow her to go out, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Professor of Sociology at Kuwait University Dr Khalid Al- Shalal revealed that the upbringing of children in their homes determine their personalities later in life.

He stressed that physical and verbal violence at homes usually has a serious impact on the moral upbringing of those children, adding that they tend to believe such actions are normal way of life, which they imbibe when they are adolescents.

Dr Al-Shalal said the failure of parents to follow up the activities of their children outside their homes, while they are busy interacting with other people in diwaniyas, negatively affects the shaping of their children’s personalities.

Professor of Psychology Dr Khalid Al-Shamroukh said the mentality of adolescents particularly with the change of their hormones make them feel the need to be independent in decision making. He indicated that bad peer pressure and inability of parents to train their children properly encourage violent behaviors.

Stressing that people should differentiate between psychological and mental aspects in the violent acts perpetrated by adolescents, Dr Al-Shamroukh explained that children with psychological problem are easy to detect and can be treated but those with mental disorders are difficult to control and the parents are responsible for dealing with the problem to avoid violence.

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