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Driving license for sales representative

I am working as a sales representative for a distribution company. I am in fieldwork, going to one client to another, all outside the company sale. I have been in Kuwait for eight years and am a university degree holder but my salary is KD345. How can I get a driving license.

Name withheld
: According to the Kuwait General Traffic, you need to meet the following three requirements to be eligible to apply for a driving license:

1.Must have been in Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application

2.Must be a university degree holder

3.Must be earning at least KD 400 per month.

For this purpose, only the amount mentioned on the work permit is accepted. It doesn’t matter how much you are earning.

So, as you see you meet only two of the above three requirements and are therefore can’t get a driving license. Please also remember that only the categories mentioned below are exempted from the requirements of getting a driving license.

Drivers for public bodies and companies, domestic servants, doctors, pharmacists, advisors, judges, experts, public prosecutors, lawyers, university and college professors, teachers, social workers, laboratory operators, engineers, foreign women married to Kuwaiti men, foreign divorcees, widows of Kuwaiti men, foreign husbands, children of Kuwaiti women, mosque imams, prayer callers, teachers of Holy Quran, librarians working in government authorities, journalists, nursing staff, x-ray technicians, managers and graduate accountants, professionals sports players and coaches, pilots, air-stewards and air-hostesses, students, graduate computer programmers, undertakers and those in-charge of burials, housewives with children or housewives with husbands earning more than KD 400 a month.

So, as you see, your category is also not among those exempted from the three conditions for a driving license.

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