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Jahra 5th in crime rate ‘Brothers’ top notch accused of misbehaviour & immorality

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25: Section head at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Premier, Interior Minister and Acting Minister of the Ministry of Awqaf Sheikh Mohammad Al- Khaled citing irregularities and misbehavior of senior officials of the Muslim Brotherhood, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to him a supervisor was dismissed from work in 2004 for committing immoral crimes at the workplace and he was reinstated in 2008 when the court ruled in his favor but did not acquit him of the charge of committing immoral acts. He added the man was interrogated inside the ministry and the interrogators came to the conclusion that the man was showing films to the employees. This is in addition to smoking sheesha. The complainant also mentioned the supervisor is known for luring employees to commit immoral act with him, including one of the imams. He added 116 employees have signed a letter requesting to sack him from work. He also mentioned some senior officials affiliated to the Brotherhood movement exercise control over the employees and are demanding to be loyal to them. One of these officials reportedly receives salaries from 3 different sectors of the ministry.

Jahra crime rate: Statistics issued by the Research and Studies Center of the Ministry of Interior puts the Jahra Governorate in fifth place among the six governorates in terms of crime rate, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily added, Jahra recorded 4,102 various types of crimes in 2013 which roughly works out to 11 crimes per day, nearly half of them filed against unknown persons. The statistics showed that the number of crimes recorded against known persons in Jahra Governorate was 2,166, which is equivalent to 52 percent of the total crimes committed in the province, while the unknown crimes amounted 1,936 or 48 percent. According to the same statistics, the Taima Police Station recorded the largest number of crimes (1,120) during the same period, followed by the Jahra Police Station 811, and the Sulaibiya Police Station 755.

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