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‘Brotherhood ticking time-bomb, threatens security of nation’ ‘Group uses radio to spread ideology’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: The Brotherhood movement in Kuwait controls the Holy Radio Quran and has turned it into its mouthpiece to incite others and promote ideas of the world Muslim Brotherhood organization or the ideas of those who sympathize with them, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting sources. The sources say members of the Brotherhood have penetrated the Holy Quran Radio and other platforms and state-owned institutions and this is a ticking time-bomb that threatens the security and stability of the country. Over the years, sources said, the officials who are at the helm of affairs the radio have exploited their position to brighten the image of the world Brotherhood organization.

The sources added some wellknown religious people through Quran Radio have openly declared their support for the Muslim Brotherhood and DAESH. They also said Nabil Al-Awadhi, whose Kuwaiti citizenship was recently revoked was given a large space at the radio station and state tel-evision that elevated him to stardom. And the same goes for Tariq Al- Suwaidan who has presented more than 850 episodes on the Holy Quran Radio and Jassem Al Mutawa of the Social Reform Society 172 episodes. The Director of the radio Samir Al-Gharib has admitted that the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs nominates imams who belong to the Social Reform Society to work at the Radio Quran.

However, he noted if they are found guilty of financing terrorism, the Radio will not cooperate with their members. Meanwhile, when an unidentified person called the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior and informed seeing a motorist waving the DAESH flag from the car window, police rushed to the spot and discovered it was the black veil of the female motorist, reports Al-Rai daily. The elderly woman was with her family.

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