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‘Muslim immigrants must be loyal to countries they live in’ ‘Joining terror outfits un-Islamic’

It is rather difficult to fully understand the true nature of the manipulation terrorist groups use to recruit new jihadists. However, what many terrorist groups seem to share is their exploitation of the vulnerabilities of their new recruits.

Yet, what seems to be shocking is the recent revelation of the joining of Western raised and educated Muslim individuals into ISIS. Recently, international media covered the recruitment of British individuals and others from other European countries into terrorist organizations. Such new jihadist recruits are usually given new jihadist names such as” Abu .... something,” the British, the Belgian ..... etc! Failure to be assimilated fully in their Western societies as well as their rejection of what they consider as Western false moral values seems to be two of the main reasons encouraging some young Muslims to join terrorist groups.

However, what is rather ironic here is that it is actually due to Western democracy, government welfare, and the humanitarian tendencies in typical Western society that many Western raised jihadists were able to live a decent life ! Many of the new Western-Muslim jihadists would not have had any opportunity to live a decent, respectful and full life in their native societies.

For instance, almost all Western jihadists are the children of Muslim immigrants who sought refuge against poverty and oppression by migrating to Western countries.

It is immoral, and it is an act of selfish disloyalty to turn your back on the country or society which provided you with all means of decent life. Many Western- Muslim jihadists would not have gained in their countries of origin a tiny portion of the health, education and economic benefits offered to them in Western societies.

In fact, their fate would have been terrible and degrading if they face poverty or unemployment in their original countries. Moreover, it is very unislamic to betray one’s country and society. For example, a Muslim individual who was born, raised and educated in a Western society has a moral obligation to follow and respect the laws of their country. It is actually a basic Islamic principle that Muslims should keep their allegiances to their countries.

There are many verses in the Holy Quran and Hadith which call upon Muslims to be just, sympathetic and loyal to their national communities, not otherwise. Jihadist groups and terrorist organizations provide no real alternative to a good life lived peacefully in democratic societies. The only alternative these terror groups can offer new jihadists is blood, hatred, genocide of innocent people and unjust treatment of non-Muslims.

True Islam has been hijacked by terrorist groups and they use it for their own political gains, nothing more and nothing less.

By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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