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Application for driving license rejected My salary on izneamal 350, but current Salary is 450

I want your help on the below issue regarding application for a driving license. My salary on izneamal (work permit) is KD 350 but my current salary is KD 450. I went to the Kuwait Traffic Dept (KTD) to apply for a driving license but the KTD rejected my application. Please note that I am working in a bank and I have salary certificate and on this my salary is mentioned as KD 450. Now what should I do? Can my company update my work permit before the renewal of the Iqama (residence) which is valid until 2016. Do I have any other option?

Name withheld
: You need to meet all the following three requirements to be eligible to apply for a driving license but as you can see you fulfil only two of these conditions:

1. Must have been in Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application

2. Must be a university degree holder

3. Must be earning at least KD400 per month.

For this purpose, only the amount mentioned on the work permit is accepted. It doesn’t matter how much you are earning. So, the salary certificate won’t work as the General Traffic Department only accepts the work permits.

Your company can try to get the salary changed on the work permit although the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor rarely accepts such requests. Sometimes, however, such changes are made and the ministry just charges you for the normal cost of the work permit. This change is difficult but not impossible.


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