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Indemnity & Leave Balance calculation

My query is about calculation of indemnity and leave balance. I am working in a private company and my date of joining this company is 15/2/2011. Now I have resigned from the company with a 3-month notice and my last working date is 17/07/2014. I am drawing a salary of KD 484. I have 43.5 days annual leave balance as on 17-07-2014. My question is what will be my total indemnity. Thank you very much for your legal support.

Name withheld
First of all, you should remember that you just can’t combine the calculations for indemnity and payment for the accumulated annual leave.

These involve separate calculations. For your indemnity, taking into consideration that your service with the 3-month notice period was 3 years and five months, will be as follows:

15 days salary for each of the 3.42 years = 15 x 3.42 = 51.3 days

These 51.3 days must be divided by 26 = 1.97 months salary = 1.97 x KD 484 = KD 953.50 As your service was over three years but less than five years you should get half of this amount = KD 953.50 ÷ 2 = KD 476.75 So, KD 476.75 will be the indemnity you should be getting.

Meanwhile, the amount you should get for your accumulated annual leave will be calculated as follows: You have 43.5 days annual leave balance These days should be divided by 26 and multiplied by your monthly salary = 43.5 ÷ 26 x KD 484 = KD 810 (nothing can be deducted from this amount) So the total amount for indemnity and annual leave balance you should get = KD 476.75 + KD 810 = KD 1,286.75

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