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Court acquits engineer of ‘murdering’ woman

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti engineer who was accused of murdering a Kuwaiti woman unintentionally. According to the case file, the man had left an automatic door used by the visitors of the government building exposed even though it had an electric fault. However, according to the medical report, it resulted in injuries to the victim, who was suffering from breast cancer because of which she had to undergo a mastectomy surgery. Defense counsel Lawyer Khalid Jamal said his client was responsible for fixing the door based on request of the Engineering Affairs Department affiliated to the facility. However, the officials of the facility were responsible for the mistake as they did not follow the issue. He stressed that the injuries the victim sustained were not the reason for her death as she had only sustained some bruises. However, her health condition was the cause of her death as she was unable to bear the treatment of the bruises as specified in the forensics report.

Husband assaults wife: An Egyptian woman filed a case with officers in Farwaniya police station accusing her husband of assault. She submitted medical report stating severe bruises in the face, swelling of the eye, and deep cut in the lower lip, reports Al-Anba daily. The woman said the husband lost temper when he called her workplace and her colleagues told him she was not there. Apparently, she had left the office an hour early to do something related to her job, and when she returned, the husband started beating her for not taking permission.

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