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Growing crime rate adversely influences social life, stability Murder, kidnapping and rape top statistics

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: Statistics of the Public Prosecution indicated a growing crime rate in Kuwait in the first six months of 2014 in a manner that adversely influence the social life and stability. Report added murder, premeditated murder and beating, in addition to molestation, kidnapping, and rape topped statistics, while the cases of robbery and liquor possession recorded 74 to 80 percent. According to statistics, Kuwait witnesses an average of 21 attacks against individuals each month, while the number of related crimes reached 125 in the first six months of 2014 (Jan-June).

The cases of attack, molestation and kidnapping occupied third, fourth and fifth places respectively, wherein 98 cases of attacks and molestation plus 90 cases of kidnapping were registered, which is alarming, in view of the small population of Kuwait. Statistics clarified attacks against people reached the climax in March with 32 cases, and the lowest crime rate was registered in May with 10 cases. At the same time, the cases of molestation reached its climax in April with 23 cases, while in the same month, 21 kidnappings were registered. It is clear that misdemeanor was high among all registered cases with 3204 cases representing 51.4 percent of the total 6233 cases. 275 drug cases were recorded in the period, which reached the highest point in March with 66 cases and dropped to 8 cases only in June. Experts and specialists have attributed the hike in rate of crimes to slackness in the roles played by various educational institutions, among them families.

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