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‘Decision to revoke citizenship remains in effect’ No instruction to Cabinet

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: The Cabinet has not received any instruction to suspend the implementation of a decision to withdraw the citizenship of those found to have violated laws of the country, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a reliable source from the government. The source confirmed the decision remains in effect and the citizenship cancellation process starts upon completion of the investigation procedures to verify the allegation before referring the case to the Higher Citizenship Committee and then to the Cabinet for the necessary action.

He said the citizenship cancellation is not a new step as it was also taken some years ago and the public can follow up this issue through the official gazette. On the other hand, the source revealed the Higher Citizenship Committee is currently studying files from the Central System for Rectifying the Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) to identify those who deserve citizenship amongst the applicants — Bedouns and children of Kuwaiti women married to non- Kuwaitis.

He added the new batch of children born to naturalized Kuwaitis and reached 21 years old will be announced soon to terrigrant them citizenship. He asserted the process of withdrawing and granting citizenship is a clear indication that the government is keen on protecting the rights of citizens.

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