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Pilgrims urged to take vaccine against meningitis & influenza Carry medical card signed by doctor: Dr Mutairi

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: Chairperson of the Awareness Committee for Infectious Diseases at Ministry of Health Dr Ghaliya Al-Mutairi invites pilgrims, particularly those living with chronic diseases or weak immune system, pregnant women and obese people to take the vaccine against meningitis and influenza at least 10 days before Hajj. She urged those who want to perform the rites of the pilgrimage to carry medical card signed by doctor of a medical center indicating the holder received vaccine against these diseases, stressing the necessity to follow the preventive measures against infectious diseases.

Meanwhile, member of the committee and expert in diabetes Dr Nazeela Al-Doweisan urged diabetics who want to go for pilgrimage to take all nece ssary precautions to facilitate their trip without subjecting themselves to complications. Al-Doweisan added that a diabetic must carry a special bag with medicines aside from the clothes’ luggage, inclusive of all necessary items he might need for the pilgrimage. She also stressed the need for diabetes patients to avoid exposure to the sun by carrying umbrella while in camp. They are also required to drink enough water and take their meals in time.

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