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‘DAESH full of liars, troublemakers’ Citizenships discussed in ‘Brothers’ meet

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 22: A number of top officials of Kuwait Muslim Brotherhood Group held a meeting with one of the leaders of the group in Doha, Qatar to discuss the issue of revocation of citizenship of some Kuwaiti citizens and the alternatives that the group can provide in such cases, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting reliable sources.

They said the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, who holds Qatari citizenship along with his Egyptian citizenship, reassured the attendees that the group will provide an alternative for any of its members whose citizenship is revoked.

They revealed that the leader issued directives to the top officials of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Kuwait to stop focusing on local political situations and turn their attention instead on the Gaza case until the campaign that the GCC countries has launched against the group ends.

The sources disclosed that the leader has promised to provide citizenship to one of the top members of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, whose Kuwaiti citizenship was revoked few weeks ago, adding that the member will be given the citizenship of a GCC country if he requires.

They said the top officials of Kuwait Muslim Brotherhood Group informed the leader, who is unofficially performing the tasks of ‘Morshid’, about the actions that the Kuwaiti government took against them including restricting their activities which were aimed to support the group in every aspect.

Meanwhile, governmental sources revealed that the citizenship of 14 Kuwaiti citizens are expected to be revoked in the next Cabinet meeting, adding that the technical committee is continuing to examine the files of those who participated in the recent activities that led to chaos in the country.

Meanwhile, Islamic Heritage Revival Society (IHRS) insists that the DAESH group is filled with liars and troublemakers whose actions are not based on the Holy Quran or the Sunna, warning the youth against supporting such terrorist groups that distort the image of Islam, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

An article titled ‘The chaos of the so-called Iraqi DAESH caliphate’, which was written by the Islamic cleric Abdulmohsen bin Hamad Al- Bader, pointed out several evidences about the corruption of the people who belong to the ‘criminal’ group. For example, the members of DAESH refer themselves by nicknames in order to keep their identities hidden.

Al-Bader also elaborated that heinous crimes committed by DAESH against their opponents, clarifying that they slaughter people using knives. He added that Muslims must ensure their behaviors are in line with the Holy Quran and the Sunna so that they can attain salvation.

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