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Major rise in price of fish expected ‘Acute shortage of diesel’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 21: Fish market is on the verge of witnessing hike in the prices of fish due to acute shortage of diesel, which the market has been suffering from since Monday.

The shortage is due to reduction of 600,000 liters out of the required 2.8 million liters of diesel.

The situation has prevented some fishermen from operating their fishing boats due to which they are expecting the prices to increase up to 200 percent such that the price of a basket of shrimps which is currently sold at KD 50 could go up to KD 90-KD 100.

Chairperson of the Fishermen Association Zahir Al-Sawyan declared that the number of fishing boats have increased from 150 to 200 so the allocated diesel should have increased to 2.5 million liters to cover the increased number of boats.

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