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‘Pulling nationalities brings calm’ Waiting for response: MP

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 21: MP Abdullah Al- Tamimi says the decision taken by the government to revoke the citizenship of some Kuwaiti citizens has brought back calm and order in the country, reports Al- Rai daily. Even though he empathizes with the families whose citizenships have been revoked, he stressed that the law has to be applied when necessary, adding that he supports the application of the decision on those who acquired citizenship illegally and placed the security of the country in danger.

He stressed that the ‘citizenship law’ must cover those who attained citizenship in a fraudulent manner, urging the government to solve the issue of double standards being shown in the application of law irrespective of whether for withdrawing the citizenship or granting it. He affirmed that the National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim is capable of countering any attempt to disrupt parliamentary work with the cooperation of the MPs who show great responsibility regarding fulfilling their tasks and are very loyal to the country.

Meanwhile, MP Saleh Ashour says he is waiting for the response of the Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled regarding his suspicion over irregularities in granting citizenship after the liberation of Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily. MP Ashour said the maximum growth rate of Kuwait should not exceed 2.5 percent annually, revealing that a committee will be set up to review the issues he raised and the files of the citizens who were naturalized after the liberation. He indicated that several lawsuits have been filed against some employees of the Department of Citizenship and Passport Affairs because some of them are suspects in the case.

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