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US, West ‘hold’ double standard

THE American ‘sermons’ on human rights and freedom of expression have failed considering the current protests in Ferguson City. Movement of the people was curtailed by firing tear-gas and live bullets at citizens, along with mass arrests and scaring off journalists. The US Armed Forces took such actions in response to public protests against killing of a youth by the police without provocation. Before the US incident, Britain, which regards itself as the most sophisticated democracy in the world, revealed its real oppressive face in Oxfordshire in August 2011. Commenting on effects of minor skirmishes, Prime Minister David Cameron said then, “In any issue relating to national security, nobody should talk to me about human rights.” 
The French are not different from their peers in terms of double standards in curtailing internal protests through repression. The leaders of those countries, alongside the international conscience-policing organizations they have put in place, usually come out giving us lectures on human rights and ethics whenever the Arab and Islamic countries witness terrorist activities — not peaceful protests as their case — threatening peace and internal stability of the concerned countries. 
Is it possible for somebody to give what he does not have? Is it right for countries suffering from serious political personality breakdown to install themselves as messengers of human rights? Is it not their duty to prove they are at the forefront in this regard by granting their citizens full right to protest and listen to their outcries in the same manner they demand from others?
Was the United States not the reason why al-Qaeda, DAESH and other terrorist groups continue to hide under the guise of Islam? Did Britain not breed Abu Hamza Al-Masri and Abu Qutadah, while America brought up Omar Abdul-Rahman, Osama Bin Laden and several other terrorists? Did they not use their media to promote the ideas and slogans of cutting heads, killing and maiming; while paving the way for them to perpetrate monstrous activities in Arab and Islamic countries?
Were those who held severed heads of Iraqis and Syrians not trained by Americans, British, French, Australians and Germans? Why did they allow those acts without listening to the voice of wisdom, as well as the Arab and Islamic logic warning them against the terrorism blackmail those countries have been perpetrating in the past quarter of a century? 
Today, when the knife is pointed at the West and we began to hear DAESH threatening to soak America in blood; the situation changed in America and its counterparts that have been boasting about human rights. They have been taking actions against terrorists among their citizens. They have given themselves right to revoke citizenship of such people; but they are criticizing Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries who withdrew the citizenship of fraudsters and terrorists who carried out serious crimes against the innocent. 
This American oppression against the protests of Ferguson reflects how far the ‘lady’ of the free world is from real freedom. This is America which used and is still using terrorist gangs in the wars of interests in the region. It is afraid of a peaceful demonstration against white racism in America as clearly seen in the behavior of its society. The racist does not deal with the other person except through whatever is inside his intellectual pot.
Therefore, these countries, which sponsored the Israeli terrorism in the past six decades and armed this entity with weapons of mass destruction while making it a constant source of threats against security of the entire region, encouraged it to commit brutal massacres against Palestinians. They supported it to reject any Arab initiative for peace. Is it not enough to let the world know that the Israeli ideology is based on assault, murder and destruction; exactly like the gangs of Baath murders in Iraq today and in Syria under names of DAESH, Al-Nosrah and al-Qaeda, which means that Israel and the terrorists are two faces of one western coin?
Does the United States of America believe the lies of those crying for human rights and freedom of nations to deceive the Arab countries? Shouldn’t American President Barack Obama mull over these questions before moving to the United Nations to head the meeting of the Security Council next month to tackle the issue of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria? Shouldn’t he make his country conciliate with itself and give up the double standard ideology, so as to seek diligently to bring back security and peace to the world; in addition to allowing the citizens of Ferguson to express their thoughts without any oppression?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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