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Court acquits citizen accused of fraud; Bangladeshi arrested

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: The Court of Appeals upheld ruling issued by the Court of First Instance which acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of intentionally withdrawing KD 13,940 that was deposited in his bank account by mistake and refusing to refund the money in spite of several pleas.

According to testimony of the concerned bank staff, the defendant applied for a loan of KD 16,840 based on which the bank issued him with an ATM card for him to deposit and withdraw, and for receiving alerts for his transactions.

When the man was on vacation in the UAE, he bought a car worth 18,000 Dirhams (equivalent to KD 13,940) which the bank deducted from his account and paid into the company’s account. He later notified the bank that he had canceled the transaction and that he wanted the amount paid back into his personal account. In line with international banking transaction, such a transaction normally takes time but the bank expedited action to carry out the client’s order due to his persistence in the calls he made from UAE. When the bank was sure that the transaction was canceled, the money was paid back into the customer’s account in full.

The company later contacted the bank to pay the money back into its account, so the bank began the procedure but did not complete on Thursday. However, the man withdrew the entire amount from his account during the weekend and refused to refund it even though he was requested to do so many times.

The defendant counsel Attorney An’aam Haider said the bank could not accuse her client of fraud because he withdrew the money officially. She said the transaction passed through normal channels and the bank had approved it without any restriction.

 Bangladeshi arrested: Immigration officers at the Kuwait International Airport have arrested a Bangladeshi for attempting to enter the country on forged passport, and referred him to the authorities, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.


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