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Resignation submitted but no intimation by Manager

I have a question regarding my resignation. I submitted a resignation letter to my manager on May 22, 2014 but I have not received any acknowledgment of its receipt or acceptance. All I have in my record is an email which I sent to my manager with the resignation letter attached. Please tell me if this is sufficient or whether I need to have the resignation letter accepted by them.

Name withheld
Although a resignation through the e-mail is accepted by the authorities concerned, you should have somehow ensured the same has been received by your senior officials. These officials, knowing that sometimes e-mails don’t reach their destination, can always pretend that they have not received your resignation.

What you can do is either personally hand your seniors your resignation or send the same through registered post.It is always good to have the resignation accepted to avoid problems at a later stage because otherwise you don’t have proof that the office received your resignation

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