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Activate security pacts; GCC alone cannot resist changes ‘All eyes on Gulf treasures’

AFTER the British occupiers withdrew from the Arabian Gulf, there were security and political gaps in the GCC countries. At the time, there were fears that one of two territorial powers then — Iraq or Iran — would fill the gap.
This led to the founding of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to become the belt which binds the six countries — Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait — together in order to fortify them and fill the security and political gaps.
It is also aimed at making them a big and powerful society which has sovereignty to protect its rights and territory from any military expansion as a result of the Iraqi-Iranian war.
The imagined fear in the 1980s became a reality when Iraq invaded the State of Kuwait in 1990. This awakened the Gulf giant and made it move professionally on the political arena to get back the State of Kuwait through diplomatic and military ways. 
Accordingly, the council has been activated and it lasted until the liberation of the State of Kuwait when Iraq was obligated to implement decisions of the Security Council due to its terrible assault on a peaceful country. In fact, the Gulf Cooperation Council is considered the wise one in the village. It takes reasonable decisions which guarantee security of the country and its people.
Adopting common foreign political stances that reflect the importance of GCC countries on Arab, territorial and international levels is an important goal which led to the founding of the council. These goals are based on the principle of mutual respect of the privacy of each country and protecting common interests to create a secure and stable Gulf society.
After all these years, has the GCC become rusty and lost its brilliance when the countries sat on the table of discussions? Are there hidden Gulf conflicts which play a role to dismantle the Gulf belt that hinders approval of the security convention which we need badly this time?
For the powerful countries, the Arabian Gulf now is like a pretty widow who inherited treasures of nature and it is necessary to get these treasures legally or illegally. This makes us put aside any Gulf conflicts which dance silently behind doors. We should pave the way for the presentation of plans and goals again for the good of the region and its people.
It is necessary to quickly implement the Gulf Security pact, even if it has been already activated secretly. The GCC countries will not resist alone for a long time in front of the international flood of changes and replacements. Therefore, commitment to the pacts and pledges of the country is the only way towards salvation.
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By Intisar Al-Maatooq

By: Intisar Al-Maatooq

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