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‘Accusing Kuwaitis of laziness unfair’ Experts express opinion on ranking

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: Several Kuwaiti experts, specialists and ordinary citizens expressed their opinions regarding an international medical study that placed Kuwait in the seventh place as the laziest country in the world alongside two other Arab countries - United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, reports by Al-Seyassah daily.

A Kuwaiti citizen Abdullah Al-Daihani revealed that laziness has become a part and parcel of the current generation, declaring that forefathers of Kuwait were very active and used to perform daily activities without any sign of fatigue. He stressed, “However, the current generation has access to series of gadgets and other modes of relaxation, which affect their health.

They also eat fast food and fail to carry out daily health routines that are required for building strong bodies to withstand difficult situations”. Al-Daihani said the youths sleep a lot during the day and are awake throughout the night, which is against nature and contradicts God’s direction for avoiding problems and diseases.

Speaking on the issue, Sabikah Al-Omair attributed the reason for laziness to the hot weather, stressing that Kuwaiti experiences temperatures of up to 50 degrees in most days of the summer season. She said the temperature is beyond human ability to tolerate, asking, “How do people expect Kuwaitis to perform daily activities normally like their counterparts in countries with better weather conditions?” Al-Omair stressed that it is difficult to work on the streets or visit the beaches due to the high temperatures, adding that it is practically impossible to exercise in open areas.

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