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MP wants ‘answers’ on pulling citizenship

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: MP Abdullah Al- Turaiji has forwarded queries to Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior and acting Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid on the revocation of the citizenship of preacher Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi. Al-Turaiji disclosed there have been speculations in various media forms and social networking sites since the cancellation of the preacher’s citizenship due the lack of transparency in the work mechanism of the Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interior.

He wants to know the legal basis for the cancellation of the preacher’s citizenship, if the General Department for State Security has filed a report against him, if some Arab or Gulf countries had earlier accused the preacher of undermining national security, and if he participated in illegal street demonstrations or instigated chaos in the country. He requested for copies of the reports, if any. Al-Turaiji also asked the minister about Khalid Al-Shatti, a Kuwaiti Twitter user accused of posting statements which are considered a threat to national security, people in the Gulf, and the government and citizens of Kuwait. He inquired if the ministry has interrogated Al-Shatti regarding his tweets. If not, he wants to know the reason and if there is a security sector in charge of monitoring statements posted on social networking sites.

On another issue, MP Adnan Abdul- Samad submitted questions to the minister of oil on the termination of some Kuwaiti employees at Kuwait National Petroleum Company recently; asserting this is against the Kuwaitization policy. He asked about the nature of the employment contracts of Kuwaitis who work as operators in oil fields and number of years in this job. He wants to know the legal basis for terminating services of the workers.

Moreover, MP Abdul-Hameed Dashti has stressed the need to look into the rising number of youths engaged in reckless activities, such as performing car stunts on the roads. He said he intends to submit a request to allocate two hours of any ordinary session in the next legislative round to discuss this issue and present recommendations to the government for proper action. He warned that failure to address the problem might tarnish the reputation of Kuwait. He added there is a recommendation to withdraw the passports and impose a travel ban on citizens found guilty of engaging in reckless activities which harm not only their lives but also that of other people.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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