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Appeals court acquits Egyptian of seeking sex ties with woman

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Appeals canceled the verdict of a lower court which had earlier fined an Egyptian KD 75, and then acquitted him of provoking the plaintiff to engage in immoral acts as per Article 200 of the Penal Code. Attorney Mohammed Al- Salili, who represented the accused in court, refuted the allegation of the plaintiff that his client encouraged her through Facebook to engage in immoral activities and send her pornographic pictures. He emphasized that his client does not have any relationship with the plaintiff, adding there is no relation between the real culprit and his client except similarity in the first name. He pointed out his client does not know the plaintiff who confirmed in investigations that there is no evidence he wrote down the phone number and she did not accuse any particular person.

Blogger jailed: The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a Twitter user to two months in prison with hard labor and temporary compensation for insulting a poet. Attorney Hussein Al-Asfour, lawyer for the plaintiff, pointed out in court that the accused tweeted statements deemed offensive to the poet; especially since the tweets were about the latter’s personal life. The accused posted the offensive tweets again after the plaintiff announced his plan to contest the parliamentary elections. During investigations, the defendant refuted the allegation that he tweeted the offensive statements; claiming another person used his account. However, when the complaint was referred to the Electronic Crimes Department, it was found out the accused owns the account and he posted the insulting statements repeatedly. Taking these circumstances into consideration, Al-Asfour asked the court to impose the harshest penalty on the accused.

Man acquitted: The Criminal Court of First Instance acquitted a suspect of possessing hashish and narcotic substance morphine for consumption. According to the prosecution officer, he was at the premises of a company when he noticed the suspect in a disoriented state, so he ordered him to stop for verification of status. He discovered the suspect was becoming jittery while checking his Civil ID card, and realized he was an ex-convict in drug related cases. A wrap of hashish was found in the right pocket and an unspecified quantity of illicit drug in the left pocket. The suspect confessed the contraband was for personal consumption. Defense Attorney Abdullah Al- Elanda faulted the idea of stopping his client for checking, and argued that the procedure was null, void and unconstitutional. He stressed the officer should not have assumed that his client was not in order, because it amounted to suspecting a person who submitted himself for a search willingly. He said testimonies of the officer were inconsistent, because his statements at the Public Prosecution did not correspond to the submissions in court.

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