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Negligence, error lands investigator into serious trouble

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: Attorney Dalal Al-Mulla has filed a complaint with the Attorney-General accusing the investigator of the Interior Ministry of negligence and gross professional error, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. Al-Mulla said a man and a woman wearing a veil were seized for drinking alcohol when they were in their car and were referred for interrogation. The veiled woman reportedly produced her civil ID, which actually belonged to her sister, and the investigator failed to check if the ID belonged to the one who was holding it. She added her client who the civil ID belongs to was shattered when the husband divorced her and she also lost the guardianship of her children according to a court verdict which ruled in favor of her husband. Al-Mulla added the fingerprints proved that it was not her client who was caught drunk. Al-Mullah has filed for compensation for the damage done to her life and the reputation of her client.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Court presided over by Judge Emad Al- Mandeel acquitted a citizen of possessing illicit drugs for addiction purpose and driving under the influence of hashish. However, the court decided not to confiscate the pills he was taking for his treatment, says Al- Seyassah. According to the prosecuting officer, he spotted the suspect inside a vehicle in a desert area at dawn, and the suspect tried to escape when he approached him for checking but he made him pull over for checking of civil ID. He also inspected the vehicle and searched inside his pockets. Subsequently, the officer found 64 tablets suspected to be illicit drugs. Report of the Criminal Evidence Department indicated the tablets actually contained illicit substance, while analysis of sample found in his possession pointed to hashish.

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