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IMSI tackles infertility issues

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: Science has made great progress in terms of the acquisition of knowledge and development of advanced methods to address infertility issues, reports Al- Seyassah daily quoting Gynecologist and Head of Medicine Productivity Unit at Al- Saif Hospital Dr Raeda Al-Badr Al-Saadoun. Al-Saadoun disclosed the hospital has been using Intracytoplasmic morphologically- selected sperm injection (IMSI) procedure in the last two years to help couples with infertility problems conceive a child, indicating it is the first medical facility in Kuwait that offers such treatment which is usually done in other countries. According to Al-Saadoun, the procedure was used in the delivery of twins for the first time in the hospital after the couple failed to conceive despite several attempts in four years, during which they experienced repeated abortions.

Meanwhile, Dr Ferras Al- Nahal - a fetus specialist - explained IMSI is the selection of the healthiest sperm which is then inserted into the egg (Vanderzwalmen standard). Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Undersecretary Dr Khaled Al- Sahlawi said he has specified Wednesdays for visiting health centers to listen to the concerns of officials there and to identify their actual needs, reports Al-Rai daily.

This came after the publication of the undersecretary’s photos on various social networking sites with the caption, ‘Inspector of Toilets’. The undersecretary attributed the caption to his inspection tours in health buildings where he also checked the toilets. He pointed out that some may consider such visits useless but it is important to him as a public health official keen on protecting people’s health. Al-Sahlawi also stressed the need to meet the concerned officials regularly to discuss their requirements and problems in order to find appropriate solutions.

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