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Govt ponders fee on sick leave, prevent misuse of annual leave Bid to overcome financial losses

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: The government seeks to initiate serious amendment on leave and sick leave in coordination with Civil Service Commission (CSC) by merging the two systems in public and private sectors respectively, where fines will be imposed on sick leaves to generate revenue for State Treasury while controlling public funds against depletion, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable government sources. As per the alleged proposal, fee of KD2 will be charged for sick leaves issued by clinics and KD10 for those issued by hospitals, while the fee for longterm medical sick leaves will be KD 100.

The same sources explained that the current leave system depletes millions of dinars through the misuse of leave balance which are accumulated as desired, in an attempt to gain financial benefits after retirement. The trend will be canceled under the new proposal, so that all employees will be compensated fairly. Sources explained most employees consume the balance of their leave during the year and carry the rest forward to the forthcoming year.

They noted the trend messes with the distribution of leaves and work in general, although oil sector and the private institutions plus some government investment authorities oblige their employees to utilize the leave during the year. They added the government intends to unify the leave system by canceling the system of transferring leaves, so that employees will be compelled to consume their balance in the course of the year. They made it clear that CSC will not meddle with any manipulation of leaves except a decision is issued by Health Ministry on the proposed leave fee, stressing the system is applied in several countries worldwide and has proved effective.

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