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Activate law to prevent exploitation of minors

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: Director of the Juvenile Care Administration at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Abdul Latif Al-Sinan has stressed the need to activate the Minors Law in order to prevent exploitation of minors for criminal and violent acts under the cover of religion. Al-Sinan disclosed the juvenile care houses recently received minors who returned from an Arab country where they were used by terrorists to fight for purposes that have nothing to do with religion. He said there are also cases in which the wards in these care houses were forced to participate in rallies.

He urged the concerned authorities to join hands in improving the professional activities and programs for the wards of the juvenile care houses, in addition to workshops and exhibition of their works annually under the sponsorship of the State. He talked about the incidents usually seen in care houses, including fights between the wards or the administrative staff; adding that those who violated the regulations are dealt with by following certain steps starting from giving them advice and then isolating them from their friends.

By: Fares Al-Abdaan Al-Seyassah Staff

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