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Pregnancy test problems

I have a question for the Arab Times’ Legal Clinic and we — expats and citizens of Kuwait — expect an advice from you in this regard. I am staying here in Kuwait with my family. My wife is pregnant and in her 7th month. She had an appointment last month (Fahaheel government clinic) where they gave her some blood tests. The report was supposed to be collected prior to the next appointment, that is after 2 weeks. We went to the clinic on the appointment date and when we asked for the test reports, they said they couldn’t find it and made us check with the laboratory reception. After few running here and there we couldn’t find the test results.

However, we got the doctor’s appointment and the lady doctor prescribed for those tests once again. We did the tests from the same hospital the next day. After a couple of days we went to collect the results and then the staff at maternity reception asked us to collect the result on next appointment date. Now today, the next appointment date, my wife went to collect the test results which she is supposed to submit to the doctor. Unfortunately, she faced the same situation.

They couldn’t find the test results. We are having the counter-slips — for these blood tests which were done at the hospital — through which the hospital staff checks and provides the test results. My question is: how can we legally act against this irresponsible hospital staff. We wish no others should have such a bitter experience, especially pregnant women who are warned against frequent travelling in the last stage of the pregnancy.

Name withheld
: There are two things you can do and you should not let such incidents pass without taking action. First of all, you should see the head of the hospital or at least the head of that section and file a written complaint against the laboratory. If that doesn’t work out, you should file a complaint with the Ministry of Health.

This can easily be done through email and the exact address of the ministry’s website to file such complaints is All the procedure is mentioned on the above website.

All you need to attach is the copy of your Civil ID card. So go for it and action will be taken against the laboratory. You can also visit the Ministry of Health and submit the compliant to the ministry’s Public Relations Department or the Office of the Undersecretary.

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