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Irresponsible attitude of Kuwaitis in other countries

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 16: : Amid the disturbing information and pictures of certain Kuwaitis misbehaving outside the country, MP Dr Abdul-Hamid Dashti demanded a review of the growing irresponsible attitude of some Kuwaiti male and female youths who travel abroad, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

MP Dashti disclosed that such attitude depicts bad image of Kuwaitis who are naturally civilized and sophisticated.

He said Kuwaitis are full of respect for the constitution, and traditions and norms of the countries they visit. He affirmed determination to request for two hours to discuss the issue at the beginning of the next parliamentary term.

He stated that National Assembly, after discussing the issue in detail during a regular session, will forward recommendations to the Executive for necessary action. He declared the strange behavior which many Kuwaiti youths are exhibiting outside the country is alien to the Kuwaiti custom and will cost every citizen dearly if the country fails to act fast.

He suggested revoking the passports of citizens who are found culpable of the offense in punishment for the unruly activities that smear the country’s image in the international community.

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