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‘India must build defences so none dares cast evil eye’ In midst of $100b defence upgrade programme

MUMBAI, Aug 16, (AFP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said India must build up its military might to the point that no other country “dare cast an evil eye” on the South Asian nation. Modi made the statement at a ceremony in Mumbai for the commissioning of the country’s biggest locally built warship.

“Our aim is to achieve such prowess in our defence capabilities that no country dare cast an evil eye on India,” Modi told naval officers and other dignitaries. India, the second most populous nation in the world, is in the midst of a $100-billion defence upgrade programme. Modi’s new government has raised the foreign investment cap on India’s defence industries to speed up modernisation of the military. India has fought three wars with nuclear-armed rival Pakistan, two of them over the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir. The country has also been seeking to shore up its defence capabilities to counter a military build-up by an increasingly assertive China.

Modi said India must stop relying so heavily on defence imports and focus instead on local research, design and manufacture. India is the world’s largest arms importer with the United States recently overtaking Russia as the biggest arms supplier, followed by France and Israel.

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