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Renewal of driving license - Teacher changed to Housewife

My wife took a driving license around 9 years ago when she was working as teacher but for the last couple of years she has not been working as my kids are very young.

Next year her driving license will expire. I need to know whether she will face any problem in renewing her driving license as right now she is a housewife.

Name withheld

Answer: There have been no instructions so far on whether the driving license will be withdrawn if the designation of a “teacher” is changed to “housewife”. But there have been instructions on a change the other way around i.e. if a driving license was obtained for the designation of a “house wife” and this designation is changed to something else, the license is withdrawn. In our opinion, your wife’s license is unlikely to be withdrawn but nothing can be said for certain until you go for renewal of the license because the authorities are becoming very strict with each passing day and new instructions are being issued daily.

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