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Sponsor catches maid, lover in act; Grocer molests teenage girl Residence law violators held in Jleeb raids

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: A Kuwaiti citizen caught his Asian housemaid in a compromising position with her Asian lover while the citizen was attending to nature’s call in an adjacent bathroom at his house in Sulaibikhat area late at night. The citizen notified the Operations Room he was going to the bathroom when suddenly he heard strange noise coming from the maid’s room. He knocked on the door but the maid didn’t answer, so he broke the door open and found the Asian maid having sex with a male compatriot. The maid and her lover confessed that their affair began eight months earlier. The citizen handed them over to the police.

Meanwhile, an Arab expatriate filed a case in Nugra police station against an Asian expatriate working in a grocery store for touching the private parts of his 13-year old daughter when she went to the store to purchase an item. A case was registered.

Residence law violators held in Jleeb raids: Security operatives from Farwaniya in their recent campaign against law violators arrested 30 expatriates in their various nationalities in Jleeb Shuyoukh for violating residency law. Many were also arrested for selling vegetables, fruits and other foodstuff unfit for human consumption at illegal stalls.

The campaign follows recent report the sector received about a group of expatriates working in shops at Jleeb Shuyoukh area without valid residency. During the raid, security operatives discovered the shops were running without commercial license. Sources said 18 of the expatriates arrested had violated residency law while the residencies of the remaining 12 had expired.

They were referred to concerned authorities for necessary action. Security sources said the campaign will continue in the governorate over an indeterminate period to rid the country of law violators

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