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‘Withdrawal’ of citizenships implemented partially: ex-MP No judicial verdict issued: Al-Mulla

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: Former MP Saleh Al-Mulla said the law of withdrawing citizenship has been implemented partially, as he condemned the trend of withdrawing citizenship through a decision issued by Interior Ministry without judicial verdict, reports Al-Rai daily. In a press statement at a recent protest, Al-Mulla called for citizens to participate in the protest at Erada Square on Wednesday, noting he will not stop expressing resentment on the deteriorating state of affairs in the country and he will continue organizing rallies and protests, although the youth did not respond to his call and only a few participants were registered. He added the current step taken by government is just a tip of the iceberg in its series of violations against the law and public funds.

Asked about the appropriate person to address the political leadership on the issue, he said “we cannot recommend any person to dialogue and we won’t promise such a person will represent the nation. However, anyone who takes up such initiatives should be appreciated, as the constitution does not ban any citizen from addressing all authorities.

We only need strength to gather all Kuwaitis and sons of the nation by referring to the Constitution.” He stressed that citizenship is a very important document, which shouldn’t be revoked by a committee formed by some military men in the Interior Ministry. “Application of the law is necessary, while we criticize the step of naturalizing people for political purposes but the question is whether the law is applied on all without bias.” He stressed the need to reopen the file of citizenship from the day the law of citizenship was passed until now, indicating the person who participated in the crime of granting citizenship through illegal means is key culprit. It is not legal to apply law on the person who criticizes the authority and let go of the person who agrees on it, because he is the political tool for hit back on the opposition.

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