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Bill to ‘finger’ fraudsters: MP

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: MP Abdulhameed Dashti says he and some of his colleagues intend to present a draft bill which every zealous Kuwaiti citizen will accept, as it will facilitate the concerned authorities to identify those who attained citizenship illegally during or after the Iraqi invasion in Kuwait. He explained that the bill requires all Kuwaiti citizens who had a child outside Kuwait during or after the invasion to take fingerprint and DNA analysis for registration and entry in all civil records, indicating that the bill will help in detecting those who committed fraud or manipulated legal procedures to attain citizenship, and that they will face punishment for committing such an offense. Dashti affirmed that the procedures included in the bill will deter fraudsters who acquired the rights that they did not deserve, adding, “The State will not only revoke their citizenship but also withdraw all the privileges that they had acquired unjustly”. He assured that the next legislative round will produce many achievements that will serve citizens, after taking into consideration the need to appoint the right person in the right place for ensuring effective implementation of the legislation that are passed by the parliament.

Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji has submitted a number of queries to the Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh regarding the new Kuwaiti currency. Stressing that the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) had issued the new sixth issue of the Kuwaiti currency, he asked the minister for the reasons behind the need for issuing a new currency, taking into consideration the various technical, legal, security, political and economic aspects. He demanded copies of the studies conducted on this matter, the names of those who participated in the project of changing the national currency, their qualifications and their experience, and all the administrative and financial decisions related to the project. MP Al-Turaiji explained that CBK had signed a contract with the British Company ‘De La Rue’ to print the sixth issue of the Kuwaiti currency. He asked for details regarding the various offers that were presented by international companies that are specialized in printing banknotes as well as the technical, administrative and legal differences among them, adding that he wanted all the correspondence and technical reports in this regard. “Some precautionary technical and procedural steps are usually taken by central banks and monetary institutions before circulating new currencies. Provide me with the technical reports and correspondence between CBK and the relevant local bank authorities and other governmental agencies in this regard”, demanded MP Al-Turaiji.

He asked whether the concerned authorities took into account the international standards in terms of the quality of paper, the colors chosen, the selected graphics, safety marks, etc when planning the new Kuwaiti currency. “According to the statement of the CBK governor, there have been several attempts to forge the new Kuwaiti currency”, said MP Al-Turaiji, demanding for the initial reports about this crime, its source and the quantities that have been counterfeited, as well as the various measures taken by CBK to counter such a crime in the future. He said there was some confusion about the use of the new Kuwaiti currency at the local banks and revenue stamp machines placed in government facilities and other related issues, asking the minister for the reasons behind this confusion and the steps taken by CBK to solve these problems.

In addition, MP Al-Turaiji asked whether it was true that CBK did not consider the observations of the State Audit Bureau especially the fact that huge amount of Kuwaiti currency of the old fifth issue was printed just before circulating the new sixth issue, which led to waste of public money because of mismanagement. He pointed out about a confirmed report regarding errors in the words printed on the new currency notes that do not adhere to the rules of the Arabic language, thereby violating the Article 3 of the Constitution which states, “The official language of the State is Arabic”. He demanded for all correspondence and decisions issued by the CBK regarding subjecting the new currency to language scrutiny, adding that he also wanted the names of the individuals who were assigned to carry out this task and their experience.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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