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Address E-Media Bill loopholes: MP

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 14: The National Assembly will accept the government’s Electronic Media Bill provided it addresses all the legal loopholes and deficiencies in the previous bill, says Educational Affairs Committee Member MP Ouda Al- Ruwaei.

The lawmaker pointed out it is now time for the country to enact laws which regulate the media sector to stop those who are misleading the people, in addition to highlighting national issues which affect the security of the nation. He also unveiled the committee’s plan to add provisions to deal with various social media issues; in coordination with editors of newspapers, managers of television channels and prominent media personalities who are active in various social media platforms to draft a comprehensive law on electronic media.

In another development, the Public Prosecution released a teenager accused of firing at the house of MP Majid Mousa Al-Mutairi when he withdraw the lawsuit filed against the thieves who looted his farm and fired at his house. The teenager, one of those accused of involvement in the robbery and shooting, was referred to the prosecution; investigations on the other suspects are still ongoing. Al-Mutairi decided to withdraw the case after a meeting with a number of notable Mutairi tribe members.

Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf demanded for the quick implementation of the Conscription Law; stressing that anyone who refuses conscription has no sense of patriotism. He asserted the Ministry of Defense must not repeat the previous mistakes, calling on the concerned authorities to benefit from the experiences of developed countries in this field. He clarified there is no link between his call for application of the Conscription Law and the recent developments in the region, especially the movements of the ISIS. He added there is no need to wait for more than 24 years since the suspension of the Conscription Law. He pointed out anyone who stands against conscription does not have a sense of national responsibility; hence, the need for Kuwait to educate the youths on discipline, commitment and fundamental military work.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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